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Discover our affiliate program

Casa Tropical’s affiliate program allows anyone who wants to share good vibes to their community to be part of it.

It is primarily made for bloggers, instagramers, international student communities, such as Erasmus groups or student organizations looking for extra income to develop themselves.

Casa Tropical support student organizations, and the different projects initiated by students. It is an enormous pleasure to share with all of you the added value that Casa Tropical can generate in the world.

We give you all the tools you need to promote your code

Unique refund code for your community

Updated and beautiful visuals to spread your code

Results tracking of your coupon code

Personal folder in Google Drive

You will be able to access a personal Google Drive in wich we give you beautiful design to spread the voice, and an excel file with recorded comissions

How it works?

Register to the program

Sign up for our affiliate program.
You will be able to access various visuals specifically designed to share with your community.

Create a unique code

You can create a UNIQUE code to share with your community

Spread the voice

Share your discount code with your community to give them a benefit when they book their accommodations with  Casa Tropical.

Earn 10% commission

Every time a user in your community book accommodation with Casa Tropical, you earn a commission on the bookings.

Additionnals informations

How much is the commission?

The commission is 10% of a confirmed reservation

Where can be used the coupon code?

The coupon code can be used anywhere on earth where Casa Tropical has a local platform

What are the benefits for my community?

You comunity benefit from a 10% discount or refund with the coupon code.

Commissions are paid on true bookings

Casa Tropical will share with the affiliate the income from the reserves of real clients. A real client is considered to be a client who actually enters the accommodation he or she has booked. There are no commission paid for users who cancel their reservations prior to arrival.

Where can I spread my code?

You can spread it anywhere. We create designs for Facebook, Instagram, Blog Banner, and Twitter.

Where can I get the designs?

The designs are accessible in a google drive folder you will be invited too, once we finished creating the designs for you (1 or 2 days).

Is there any prohibitions?

Yes, you can not do adwords or Social paid ads with your coupon code.

You need a valid PayPal account

Commissions are paid by PayPal. A valid PayPal account is required to register for the program. Casa Tropical can help you set up your PayPal account if you need to.

Best way to get passive incomes

The income corresponding to the commissions, is paid 24 hours after the entry of the user in his accommodation. Affiliation is a great way to make passive income out of a good community !

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