Casa tropical launches version 3.0

Casa tropical launches version 3.0

19 April 2019 English Press release 0

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For free and immediate release Abril 2019

The latest version of Casa Tropical is available and operational from April this year, for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, through www.casatropical.org

Casa Tropical 3.0 brings with it three structural and search improvements within the platform. With this, it aims to improve the online rental experience in Latin America:

– Search by date of availability. This will allow us to guarantee which places will be available on the required date.

– Dated search for each room, house or apartment

– New specific host elections.

The improvements are an innovation over online rental. The other platforms always use advance payment, before confirming the date of availability of the place for which you want to stay. In this way we increase the efficiency and veracity of the tenants, before they even make any kind of payment on the platform. The best way, the simplest and free in one place: Casa Tropical.

  How was Casa Tropical created?

The online rental platform Casa Tropical, was founded by Floris Prieu specialized in financial marketing and Ludovic Ostate specialized in sales and management.

In 2017 it starts operating in the city of Cordoba and during this time has extended its market to Montevideo, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires. With more than 300 beds currently available and an annual growth of 55% in their accommodations. The idea was born from the need to find accommodation for foreigners who come to live in Latin America and need to have long-term options, good prices and a specific location. Where there has been a thorough review of the details, to know and choose without delay.

What advantages does Casa Tropical offer?

The recent economic fluctuation and constant changes have modified the characteristics in which the rhythm of Latin American cities communicates. So, the platform collects within its possibilities, the options of renting directly with the owners of the places and details the characteristics whit precision.

On the other hand, it has a team present in each of the cities, the ambassadors. Those who are in charge of making a visit to the place of rental and verify the information that is stated in the platform. In this way, the reliability offered to those who opt for an online accommodation search is stronger than when searching through other options on the web.

How to start renting through Casa Tropical?

The site offers a platform for each city, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Santiago and Montevideo. At the start of an application, the Typeform for new hosts will have to be completed and the publication will then be ready to receive information on the place to rent.

Putting the accommodation you want to offer online it’s much easier now. The steps to follow are very simple to complete and the personalized experience will give you security and support. Essential features when it comes to opening the doors of your home remotely. This allows us to be at the forefront of the market and offer the best online real estate immediacy service.

What do I need to rent through the platform?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the platform has a verification system that supports the guarantee of the rental places. Therefore, navigation through the different publications only asks you to point to the place that best suits your needs and seek to contact the host. When you find the option you like best, you will be ready to rent your new home.

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