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We visited all the accommodations published in Casa Tropical. We know the owners and will never accept dangerous or unhealthy accommodations.

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Casa Tropical ensures a warm and safe environment for you to have the best experience. If you still feel very uncomfortable, we will help you find another place.

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Our goal is to help students and young professionals during their stay. We are always available to help and advise them. We know very well the cities and the owners that offer their accommodations online.


“Je suis un étudiant français et je suis venu pour étudier l’agronomie à la Ucc ! Étant arrive début août, il restait très peu de logements sur Córdoba, j’ai rencontré Ludovic et Floris par le site Casa Tropical, qui m’ont trouvé une solution de logement dans la journée ! C’est une colocation avec d’autres étudiants d’autres nationalité ! Exactement ce que je recherchais pour mon cursus !”

Adrian y Andreina

“Somos una pareja que entre tanta busqueda casualmente encontramos « Casa Tropical » fué lo máximo, nos ayudó a buscar específicamente lo que queríamos, adicional después de mirar el video, nos permitió familiarizarnos con el espacio y la calidad de las personas, ahora podemos disfrutar de una Buena Onda!.”


“Floris fue muy amable y atento conmigo, resolvió todas mis dudas de manera rápida y sencilla para poder tomar una decisión.”


“Everything went smoothly, no problems.”

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The Casa Tropical ambassador is the person of trust, who visits and validates the accommodations and know the owners that can publish on the platform. They are neutral in the accommodation selection process. You can also trust them to give you advices and recommendations about the city.


Córdoba, Argentina


Montevideo, Uruguay


Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Casa Tropical: a trusted website in Latin America

Our story

After having spent a year of academic exchange in the city of Córdoba (Argentina), in 2013, some international students realized the difficulty of finding a furnished accommodation, in a safe neighborhood, without providing local guarantees.

In 2017, these students decided to return to Latin America and offer a collaborative solution to this challenge.

Casa Tropical was born

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Search easily, use the filters and the map to find your favorite accommodation


Book safely. You do not have to make advance payments or wire transfer to the hosts. Use Casa Tropical Deposit to book your stay safely.


Enjoy from the first day. You do not have to make endless visits of dangerous or incomplete accommodations, we already did it for you! Relax and enjoy your stay!

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