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Flatshare in Buenos Aires: how to find them?

Finding a flatshare in Buenos Aires is nothing easy, but we have some tips and tricks since we have been in the city for some time now. How to find a flatshare in Buenos Aires? Searching and finding a flatshare or flatmates in Buenos Aires can take longer than you think. First, you need to search the website or platforms that have the exact offer to what you are looking for. Many young students or…
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31 July 2019 0

What is the cost of living in Buenos Aires in 2019?

Welcome to Buenos Aires ! You always wanted to know what’s the cost of living in Buenos Aires, right? Well, we enjoyed compiling information and writing this article. You can also read it in spanish and in french. Just switch the language of our website. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, a country with almost 43 million people. The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, or CABA in the common language, is home of almost…
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14 May 2019 0

Casa tropical launches version 3.0

The latest version of Casa Tropical is available and operational from April this year, for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, through www.casatropical.org

19 April 2019 0